Our Story


Stephen met Evan who is from Hong Kong when he was studying in Shenzhen. They are both avid mechanical and electronic geeks and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

One day, Stephen and Evan came back from the beach and found that their vacuum cleaner was difficult to clean the sand in the car. After many attempts, they discovered the two most important reasons:

  • The air pressure is not high enough, but the sand is heavier than ordinary dust.
  • There is a lot of small space in the car but no matching accessories.

Stephen was studying high-speed digital motors and came up with a brilliant idea: "High-speed digital motors can just be used to make a perfect car vacuum cleaner"!


After a year of repeated testing, Stephen and Evan have completed their first "perfect car vacuum cleaner". This mini car vacuum cleaner equipped with a miniature high-speed digital motor has a powerful air pressure of 4000 Pa and has 4 kinds of accessories. It can handle all kinds of narrow internal gaps in cars!

Stephen licensed this technology to a number of companies to produce this mini-car vacuum cleaner. And achieved very good sales.

After graduating from university, Stephen stayed in Shenzhen and founded the ANZRO brand with Evan to promote their "perfect car vacuum cleaner" to the world and continue to improve and upgrade it.


Our online store was established in March 2020. This is a very difficult and bad time for everyone. Many people could not go out, factories were forced to close, and it became difficult to buy goods. People pay a high price for buying goods.

To prevent our employees from losing their jobs, we created an online store. We hope to help people all over the world buy the products they need at reasonable prices. The difficulties will eventually pass, but we will continue to adhere to this belief and continue to operate our online store.


We will remember this difficult time and uphold the beliefs of unity, friendliness, tolerance and mutual assistance. No matter what difficulties we encounter in the future, we have the confidence to overcome them!