Air Humidifier Aroma for Car

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When driving, your body moisture is decreasing every second!! 


Product:Mini USB aroma Air humidifier



Rated Power:2W

Water Capacity:230ML

Humidifying Capacity:35ML/H


How to use:

They do not only have 7 different lights for your choice but also you can set up a specific light or turn the light off.

Firstly long-press 1.5s: To start the 7 colorful lights

Secondly long-press 1.5s: To lock the specific light

Thirdly long-press 1.5s: To turn the light off

Two mist modes

First time to press: Beginning to continuous spray mode (Five-hour timing protection starts counting down)

Second time to press: Switching to intermittent spray mode (Ten-hour timing protection starts to counting down)

Third time to press:turn off spray

Fourth time to long-press: turn on/turn off breathing light

Note: When you switch the spray mode, the timing protection will start the countdown again


Please keep it dry and store it in a dry place if you don’t need to use it for some time.

Please clean it once a week, you can use a soft brush with diluted white vinegar to clean the atomizing sheet. Don’t rinse it with water directly.

Cotton Swab Installation Operation ( CAUTION: Note the bottom spring when replacing. )

Connect ways: charger

2.power bank

3.laptop USB port


1 X Humidifier

1 X Sponge (spare parts)

1 X User Manual

1 X USB Line


Capacity | 880ml

Mist Spraying Volume | 35 ml/H

Material | PVC & PP & Electronic Components

Service Power | 2W

Working Hours | 30H

Noise | 22nd

Water-shortage Power-off Protection | Yes

Timing | 2-8H

LED Light | 3 Colors/White & Warm White & Warm Yellow ( Adjustable Light Intensity )

Product Diameter | 130mm

Package Size | 140*140*160mm

Net Weight | 400g (Wooden Stand 155g)

Package Content :


USB Cable*1

Cotton Stick*2

Instruction Book*1